Turn your TV or digital device into a powerful communication tool.

Simply connect a Mango Sign Box to each HD display you would like to deliver your message on and log into our web portal to customize your content. The Mango Sign online editor allows you to customize menus, social media feeds, breaking news,  upcoming sales and more for your digital signs. Use our "easy" mode to send content instantly out to your display, or schedule your content to play exactly when you want. Control one or hundreds of displays all from your laptop from anywhere.

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Curious to see how it works? Give it a try, turn your phone or tablet into a sign in seconds!

Simply download the Mango Signs app from the app store. Then create a free account online and enter the code. That is all it takes to set up your first sign!

Download at the Windows Store Download at Google Play Download from the Amazon App Store Download from the Apple App Store

Mango TV Box, Small Package, Endless Capabilities

Use your own Android or Windows device to power your signs, or purchase a Mango TV Box, which is configured for 24/7 365 playback. Connect to your wireless network and it takes seconds to configure. Purchase a Sign Box for each TV you would like to play information on for $99.99.

Mango Signs Box

Promote yourself and build your brand. There's no catch, it's free.

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Simple Drag and Drop Editor

Enjoy creating your digital signage content. Easily customize your signs exactly the way you want.

Playback Analytics

Track how often certain ads / content are being played. Changing and monitoring your playback schedule will allow you to see what content is most effective.

Flexible Scheduling

Deliver your message at the right place at the right time. Schedule content when it will will be the most effective.

Library of Beautiful Templates

Take your pick from a growing selection of templates. Your digital signage will look amazing with whichever ones you choose.