Mango Signs with the Menu app lets you easily create menus in multiple formats on your signs. Customize the font sizes and styles to match your brand.

A few templates with Menus

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qr code restaurant

1920 x 1080

Restaurant Menu

1920 x 1080

Wine list

1920 x 1080

Menus goes well on your signage with

Current Date/Time

Mango Signs with the Current Date/Time app allows you to display the current date or time at the location of your signs. You can customize the fonts and date or time format to your liking.

Google Sheets

Mango Signs with the Google Sheets app lets you import data from your google sheets to show on your digital signs. You can customize the fonts and format of the information to your liking.


Mango Signs with the Images app allows you to upload your own images to show on your digital signage. Our drag and drop editor allows you to resize, rotate, crop add borders and even effects and animations to your images.


Mango Signs with the Shapes app allows you to add various shapes to your slides to create containers and layered effects. You can resize, set the color, border, opacity and even animate the shapes on your digital signs.