MangoSign Box


MangoSign Android Box

$149.99 $99.99

Mango TV Box, small package, reasonably powerful, endless capabilities. The Mango Sign Android Box is preconfigured with the MangoSign player and is a good all-around player that supports most content. Simply plug the Mango Sign Box into your TV and connect to your internet through WiFi or ethernet cable. Each Sign Box can display its own content. Purchase a Sign Box for each TV you would like to play information on.

  • Specifications
    • OS: Android 9.0
    • Octa Core Processor
    • 4GB of RAM
    • 2.4G/5G WiFi Support
    • Ethernet 10M/100M Support
    • HDMI 2.1 Video/Audio output
    • Supports Resolutions up to 4kx2k@60fps
    • Optical Audio output
  • Dimensions
    • Approximately: 4.5”W X 4.5”H X .75”D
  • Shipping Info

    Generally ships between 1 - 2 working days from purchase. Shipping takes approximately 2-3 days.

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