Digital Signage in Hotel Lobby

Digital Signage for

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Create a Better Guest Experience

Make things easy to find
  • Incorporate digital menus in your hotel cafes
  • Show your property maps along with current event information
  • Display on-site meeting info, current weather, and graphics from your property
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Cafe Menu on Digital Signage
Hotel Property Map on Digital Signage
Hotel Event List in Digital Signage

Show what you want
Where you want

Powerful scheduling capabilities put you in control of playing content around your digitally connected properties when you want it to be shown

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Keep guests in the Now

With up to date vivid digital displays throughout your property
  • Display on site amenities, classes and schedules offered throughout the day
  • Embrace a digital transformation with digital menus in your restaurants and diners
  • Display posts from your social media accounts themed to match your brand
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Animated Sign Content
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Hotel Fitness Schedule on Digital Signage
Hotel Social Media Posts on Digital Signage
Hotel Restaurant Menu on Digital Signage

Draw Attention & Stand Out

Customize your content to match your company brand. Pick an animated background and animate your content to help draw eyes to your signs.

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Inform your Guests

With content that is always current
  • Show news from local RSS sources, or YouTube Channels
  • Display local weather forecasts for the week
  • Entice guests to book their next vacation with you
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RSS News for Digital Signage
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Hotel Specials on Digital Signage
Hotel News on Digital Signage
Hotel Weather Forecast on Digital Signage