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Share Important Information

In your lobby and across campus
  • Remind students of upcoming events
  • Display an animated countdown to an important date
  • Promote after school activities and summer camps
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Scrolling Text App
Weather App
Countdown App
Slideshow App
Google Slides App

Advanced UserPermissions

Invite students as users and grant them specific access based permissions you choose. You can enable or limit access to slides, templates, signs, schedules and more.

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Digital Signage User Permissions and Roles
Invite Students to Help with Digtial Signage

Multi-Audience Communication

  • Display class assignments, schedules, school hours and car pickup times
  • Show the weather forecast and important reminders
  • Link your social media accounts and display up to date animated posts
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Twitter Posts App
Directory App
Current Date / Time App
Animated Sign Content
Google Sheets App

Easily schedule content where you want when you want

With powerful scheduling capabilities, you are in control of playing content around your campus when you want it to be shown.

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Fresh templates make your job easier

  • Celebrate holidays and inform of school closures by choosing from our library of holiday templates
  • Easily update and display your weekly breakfast and lunch menus
  • Incorporate image slideshows, videos, google slides, powerpoint and other integrations on your signs
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Digital Signage Menus
YouTube Channels and Videos
PowerPoint Integration
Scrolling News
Slideshow App

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