Mango Signs with the Weather app lets you display current weather information as well as future forecasts on your digital signage.

A few templates with Weather

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School pickup schedule

1920 x 1080

School general weather

1920 x 1080


1920 x 1080

Weather goes well on your signage with

Current Date/Time

Mango Signs with the Current Date/Time app allows you to display the current date or time at the location of your signs. You can customize the fonts and date or time format to your liking.


Mango Signs with the Images app allows you to upload your own images to show on your digital signage. Our drag and drop editor allows you to resize, rotate, crop add borders and even effects and animations to your images.


Mango Signs with the RSS app allows you to display real time news feeds or your personal RSS feeds on your signs. The RSS feed automatically updates and cycles through the live feed throughout the day. Choose your own fonts and style to customize your feed.


The Twitter app allows your guests or employees to see your Twitter feed in real time on your digital signs. Show a feed along with images in the font and style of your choice, or display an image wall from your Twitter account or favorite hashtags.